Mrs. and Mr. Goodnickels are us. We're wife-and-husband photographers with the privilege of documenting some profoundly awesome moments for some profoundly awesome people. This is what we've been up to lately!


We love the Diaz family so much and are always thrilled to work with them because it's always sure to be a pretty hilarious time. This year, we did a mini session* at their home, but it didn't take long to get silly...

*Ask about our scheduled 20-minute mini sessions!


The Egli family and I worked together just before the holidays, and I was so enamored with these adorable kids! We had a great time at Cardiff Beach, and here are a few of my favorite moments from that day:

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I had the pleasure of hanging out with the Ward family and capturing their family portraits. I'm still in shock about how cooperative their four (teenage and early-20s) kids were and how well they all got along with each other so well. I want in on the secret! Here is the proof of how awesome the Ward family is:

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