Mrs. and Mr. Goodnickels are us. We're wife-and-husband photographers with the privilege of documenting some profoundly awesome moments for some profoundly awesome people. This is what we've been up to lately!


Hey friends! We're really excited that Alex + Pat's super-fun wedding is featured on Wedding Chicks today! Make sure to pop on over to their site and leave some love on their blog... and make sure to check out all the great wedding inspiration they post on a daily basis.


Times change, and it's natural for trends to spark up and fall off. Sometimes, though, really great ideas get lost in the shuffle even though they have a timeless place in the catalogs of craftsmen, and in this case on the mantles of the matrimonied.

This season, Goodnickels is pleased to announce a new product offering that restores just such an idea! Starting today, Goodnickels' couples and their families can order one of our Custom Couples-in-the-Clouds Collages™ ! You've probably seen some similar work in the living rooms of your parents and their siblings, but we assure you this isn't just some sort of vintage throwback. Our C.C.I.T.C.C. renderings take full advantage of advancements in digital photography (and taste), and really bring the traditional floating-head-wedding-collage concept to a completely new level.

Each collage comes standard with the painstakingly-photoshopped busts of the bride and groom (or their parents) lovingly arranged above the wedding. Want your omnipotent portraits smiling down on your ceremony? Crying above your first dance? Laughing at your cake cutting? All of these options are possible. In fact, we offer many more possibilities that we can assure you were unlikely to have been offered by your parents' wedding photographer. Want to include pets that couldn't be in attendance at your wedding? No problem. Couldn't afford to ride in on a white horse? Gotcha covered. For a small fee, we'll include animals (real or imaginary), flowers, celebrities, or non-threatening robots.

Custom Couples-in-the-Clouds Collages™ take dozens of minutes to produce and can only be ordered as framed prints at least 27"x40" (we find these collages really show best when the floating heads in the picture are bigger than your actual heads). We expect quite a waiting list to build up, so get in touch with us right away to get started on your own custom order!

Shown below is Sara and Tony's actual collage. They added kittens to the standard package.
Disclaimer: Sara and Tony don't actually have kittens, as Tony is gravely allergic, which is actually a source of major tension in their relationship. Sara adores them, though, and asked us to include imaginary pet kittens in the collage (lifted from flickr).


So many fun changes have been happening lately, including that I (the Mrs.) am now a full-time Goodnickels. That means that I get to not only focus solely on shooting and editing but that I now spend my days branching out in various directions, including sharing our work in places other than just here on our site. So we are honored to have Ali and Rory's gorgeous wedding featured on one of our favorite wedding blogs: Ruffled!
Ali and Rory's Wedding on Ruffled.
Ali and Rory's Wedding on Here.

Enjoy, and look for more to come!

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